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Kern COG is an association of city and county governments primarily created to address regional transportation issues. Its member agencies include the County of Kern and its 11 incorporated cities.


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Directions to 2050
Share your priorities for the future of Kern!

Directions to 2050 is a regional plan to achieve long-term quality of life through transportation, land use, air quality, and energy efficiency goals. Visit our website at www.directionsto2050.com. for more information and upcoming workshop dates.


Kern 511 is live

Check out www.kern511.org for live traffic feeds, travel times, public transit links and much more. Kern 511 is Kern County's premiere source of traveler information.
Kern 511

Business and Industry Roundtable

Kern COG will be hosting an Business and Industry Roundtable focused on the I-5/Route 99 Freight Study. More information can be found here.

Making Downtown Bakersfield

The City of Bakersfield, in partnership with and funding from the California High-Speed Rail Authority, has begun the process to develop a High-Speed Rail Station Area Plan for Downtown Bakersfield. Information on the Plan can be found here.

Kern COG Annual Report

In 2014-15, cities and the County of Kern received more than $8.1 million for bicycle and pedestrian projects through California's new Active Transportation Program, while Kern COG programmed nearly $342 million in capital projects on local roads, highways and freeways. Read all about it in our Annual Report.

Kern COG Board Actions

In April, the Board received Kern COG’s preliminary 2016-17 budget, which estimates $5.53 million in revenues and requests $4.82 million in personnel, consultant, supply and capital expenses. Read more about this and more in April’s Board Actions.


Kern COG Quarterly Newsletter

The Hosking interchange in Bakersfield is only the latest project to open as part of the Thomas Roads Improvement Program but several others are also in the works. You'll find the latest on this story and many others in Kern COG's summer Quarterly.


Projects of Regional Significance Progress Report

The July 2016 edition of the Progress Report for Projects of Regional Significance is now available.

Transportation Progress Report [July 2016] 2 MB



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