At the center of the transportation planning process is the Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). Updated on a 4-year cycle, the RTP is a long-term (20+ year) blueprint for the region’s transportation system, and encompasses projects for all types of travel, including freight, intermodal and aviation. The plan includes the Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS) designed to help reduce emissions from passenger vehicle travel. The plan is accompanied by a program level environmental document that analyzes cumulative impacts, and the regional air quality conformity analysis required by federal regulations.

2018 Regional Transportation Plan (RTP) – Chapters 1-9 and Adoption Resolution final
 Executive Summary
 Chapter 1 – Introduction
 Chapter 2 – Transportation Planning Policies
 Chapter 3 – Planning Assumptions
 Chapter 4 – Sustainable Communities Strategy
 Chapter 5 – Strategic Investments
 Chapter 6 – Financing Transportation
 Chapter 7 – Future Links
 Chapter 8 – Monitoring Progress
 Chapter 9 – Glossary And Acronyms
2018 RTP Appendices – A-G final
Appendix A – Regional Transportation Plan Checklist
Appendix B – Public Information Policies & Procedures
Appendix C – Outreach Results
Appendix D – Integrated Performance Measures Analysis
Appendix E – Sustainable Community Success Stories
Appendix F – San Joaquin Valley Regional Overview
Appendix G – CIP Expenditure Plan By Sub Area
Appendix H – Refer to Appendix C
Appendix I – RTP and EIR Responses with the Comment Letters
Notice of Preparation of a PEIR for the 2018 RTP
2018 RTP Final PEIR and Draft PEIR and Adoption Resolution final


FTIP Documents

Air Quality Conformity Documents

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