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Kern COG Documents (Click on "Reports" for all Blueprint summary reports)

Kern Blueprint Summit 4-Page Brochure

Kern Blueprint Summit June 26, 2008 - Alternative Scenario Handout

Kern Blueprint Summit June 26, 2008 - Conceptual View Handout

Phase II Metro Workshop Presentation - held Feb. 6, 2008

Planner's Roundtable Presentation - held Feb. 29, 2008

Kern COG Maps, Posters and Graphics

Phase II Conceptual View with map description

DRAFT Phase II Conceptual View - Alternative Scenario

DRAFT Kern Blueprint 2050 Model

DRAFT Scenario Measures - Graphs

DRAFT Kern County Conservation Land Map

Metro Workshop Scenario Wall Poster

Phase II Workshop Posters

Status Quo/No Change UPlan Land Use Map

Blueprint Map and Scenario Summary Sheet

Kern Visualization Presentation

Link to Individual Workshop Summaries

Other Blueprints and Strategic Plans

Blueprint Visualization Kickoff Meeting presentation

SJV Blueprint Implementation Toolkit

SJV Blueprint Schedule and Flowchart

SJV Valley-wide Growth Map

Sacramento COG Preferred Blueprint Scenario (SACOG)
Used to develop Kern Blueprint

Model Guildelines for the San Diego Region (SANDAG)

Fresno COG Blueprint Presentation

Compact Development Design Guidelines

SANDAG Toolkit - 3D Visualization (Quicktime)

High Speed Rail - Bakersfield visualization (Windows Movie)

County of Kern Strategic Plan

Metropolitan Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan

R-2508 Joint Land Use Study

Oildale Community Vision

Bakersfield College Educational Master Plan

Calstate University, Bakersfield Strategic Plan

Greater Bakersfield Vision 2020