COG Board & TPPC Meetings

The Kern COG Board of Directors is comprised of one elected official from each of the 11 incorporated cities in Kern County, two Kern County Supervisors and ex-officio members representing Caltrans and Golden Empire Transit District. Monthly board meetings provide the public forum for discussion and collaborative decision-making on significant issues of regional transportation and mobility. Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month.

The Transportation Planning and Policy Committee (TPPC) makes technical funding decisions about how Kern COG transportation dollars are spent. The committee is made up of one representative from each of Kern’s 11 incorporated cities, two county supervisors, and a representative each from Caltrans, Golden Empire Transit District and the Joint Planning Policy Board (military). Meetings are held immediately preceding the Kern COG Board meeting.

Kern Government Television (K-GOV) rebroadcasts Kern COG’s regular Transportation Planning Policy Committee and COG Board meeting every Monday at 7PM.

2018 TPPC COG Board
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
January Agenda Agenda
February Agenda    Agenda
March Agenda Minutes Agenda
April Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
May Agenda &
 Minutes Agenda Minutes
June Agenda  Minutes  Agenda Minutes
July July Cancel Notice July Cancel Notice
August Agenda Agenda

2017 TPPC COG Board
Meeting Date Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
January 19 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
February 16 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
March 16 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
April 20 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
May 18 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
June 15 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
July 20 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
August 17 Dark Dark Dark Dark
September 21 Agenda Minutes Agenda Minutes
October 19 Agenda  Minutes Agenda  Minutes
November  Agenda Minutes  Agenda Minutes
December 21 Meeting Cancel Notice Meeting Cancel Notice



Previous Years

2016 TPPC COG Board
2015 TPPC COG Board
2014 TPPC COG Board
2013 TPPC COG Board
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