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Because public involvement in the transportation planning process is important to ensuring that decisions reflect the needs of the entire community, Kern COG actively seeks public opinion on our work programs and project at all stages of the process

Our public participation practices were recently recognized among the best in the nation by the Federal Transit Administration.

Kern COG began 2003 by becoming one of the first metropolitan planning organizations in the country to broadcast its meetings countywide through Kern Government Television (KGOV). It ended the year with a series of 19 workshops designed to garner public input on its long-range Destination 2030 Regional Transportation Plan, which attracted more than 170 participants through its interactive activities.

In between, agency staff spent two full weeks attending a host of community fairs, including the Kern County Fair and the Desert Empire Fair in Ridgecrest, to answer questions and solicit comments about the region's transportation network. In addition, the agency began an ambitious three-tiered media campaign to promote transit service, ridesharing, walking and bicycling to work as part of its commitment to help improve the San Joaquin Valley's air quality. Finally, staff has attended council or board meetings at eight of its 11 member agencies to present all the services Kern COG has to offer individual communities and the region as a whole.

In an effort to take Kern COG business directly to the residents of each city in Kern County, the Kern COG Board created four sub-regional committees, which address transportation projects and issues specific to each region of the county and bring back public comment and recommendations to the full board for consideration. Each committee meets twice a year.

The Kern COG Board of Directors, at their regular meetings, provide opportunities for comments from the public as well as from each of the member jurisdiction representatives.

One of the purposes of the Kern COG web site is to involve the public in the decision-making process in Kern County. The site offers you an opportunity to access information that you need to make informed decisions and, we hope, to establish a forum for the expression of your thoughts on the issues.

We hope that when you discover an issue of particular interest to you, you will consider getting involved. The best way to have a voice in the process is through participating. Our publications, journals, news releases and workshop announcements list many opportunities for you to become involved, along with contact names of key staff members. If you cannot find what you are interested in, or have comments on the site, please email us or call us at 661-832-RIDE. We are interested in what you have to say.




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