Regional Award of Merit for Local Government

2016 City of Bakersfield, County of Kern, Bakersfield SPCA and Critters Without Litters Pet Adoption Program
2016 Dennis McNamara, Maria Lara and the McFarland City Council McFarland downtown renovation
2015 1+1+2=Game Changer Program
2015 West Side Cemetery District in Taft Midway Cemetery restoration
2015 Kern County Water Agency Improvement District 4 "Do the Water" educational video
2014 City of Tehachapi Grandfondo road cycling event
2013 City of Tehachapi Tehachapi General Plan 2035
2012 Shafter Schools Project
2012 Revitalize Mojave
2011 City of Tehachapi & Tehachapi Heritage League Kawaiisu Exhibit and the Tehachapi Museum
2011 City of Taft Taft General Plan
2010 City of Tehachapi & Friends of the Tehachapi Depot Restoration of Tehachapi Depot
2010 Kern County Department of Child Support Services "Ready-Set Back to School, Supporting Our Kids" Health and Wellness Fair
2010 Kern County Water Agency Treated Water Capacity Expansion Project
2010 City of Ridgecrest Ridgecrest General Plan 2030
2009 City of Tehachapi & Tehachapi Community Theater Restoration of Beekay Theater
2009 Brent Green Economic Director, Shafter
2008 Kern County Board of Trade Interactive, tourist kiosks
2007 City of Tehachapi Community Design Charette Process
2006 Shafter Healthy Start Program
2006 Bakersfield Parks & Recreation "The Park at Riverwalk"
2005 Larry Adams Mayor, California City
2004 No award given
2003 Connecting Kern County
2002 Marilyn Bergman Administrative Assistant, Shafter
2002 Kern County Fair Community Resource CEnter
2002 Rosamond Community Services District
2001 City of Bakersfield Parks and Recreation Department “Fun on the Run” Program
2000 Helen Dennis City Clerk of California City
2000 Kern County Children and Families Commission
2000 Lori Williamson Shafter
2000 Kern County Sheriff’s Department Community Resources Division
1999 Mojave Public Utility District
1999 Jo Barrick Shafter
1999 Employers’ Training Resource
1998 Kern County Network for Children
1997 Tom Payne City Manager, Arvin
1997 Wasco-Shafter Cooperative Agreement
1997 Kern Government Television (KGOV)
1996 East Kern Airport District
1996 Kern County Mental Health Children’s System of Care
1996 Ridgecrest Business and Technology Incubation Center
1995 RidgeNet
1994 Lynn Beurmann Kern County Waste Management
1994 Paul Saldana Shafter Economic Development Department
1994 Bakersfield Municipal Court
1993 County of Kern General Services Department
1993 Kern County Museum Foundation
1992 County of Kern Department of Human Services Jamison Children Center Park Project

Wasco Intervention Network

1991 Kern County Board of Trade Christo Umbrella Project


Regional Award of Merit for Journalism

2016 No award given
2015 No award given
2014 KGET News Hydrogen Energy project newscast
2013 Rebecca Neipp The Ridgecrest News, Ridgecrest
2012 No award given
2011 Ruth Justis The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest
2010 Doug Keeler Editor, Midway Driller, Taft
2009 No award given
2008 Nathan Ahle The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest
2007 Laura Dobbins The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest
2006 Eric & Kim Kauffman KZIQ/Sunset Media, Ridgecrest
2005 John V. Ciani The Daily Independent, Ridgecrest
2004 The Mojave Desert News
2003 Matt Weiser The Bakersfield Californian
2002 Jim Scott KGET Channel 17
2001 Kerry Cavanaugh The Bakersfield Californian
2000 No award given
1999 Pete Gianopulos Taft Heritage
1999 The Southeastern Kern Weekender
1998 Kern Economic Development Corporation
1998 Randy Warwick Kern County Broadcasters Association
1998 James Burger, Andy Kehe, Lisa Friedman, Denise Zapata, Vic Pollard, Steven Mayer,Wendy Owen, and Sarah Reingewirtz The Bakersfield Californian
1997 No award given
1996 Tamara Koehler, Teresa Adamo, Denise Zapata, John Teves, and Felix Adamo The Bakersfield Californian
1996 Don Clark KBAK-TV
1995 Connie Baker Mojave Desert News
1994 Pamela Birge and Patricia Waterbury Computer Sciences Corp.
1994 Gene Tackett KERN Radio
1993 The Bakersfield Californian
1992 No award given
1991 James P. Medina, Tom Maurer, Liz Lovatto, Lois Henry and John Harte The Bakersfield Californian – “Rosamond, the Risk of Growth” Tehachapi News


Regional Award of Merit for Community Involvement

2016 Luda Fishman, Sophia Felix & Ray Scott Keep Bakersfield Beautiful
2016 Kern County Sheriff's Department "Tarp Your Trash" Program
2015 22015 Oildorado Executive Board
2015 Building Healthy Communities South Kern
2015 Shafter Ford Theater
2015 Garden Fest
2014 City of Ridgecrest
2014 The Bakersfield Homeless Center & City of Bakersfield
2014 Ridge Project
2013 Kern County Museum
2013 Pastor Bill Lewis of the Griffith Avenue Baptist Church in Wasco
2013 West Side Health Care District
2013 West Side Recreation & Park District
2012 Ridgecrest Military Banner Program
2012 Cody Bema, Henri Blanc & Don Ott East High School Club Advisors
2012 Elisabeth Newman Wasco
2012 Tree Foundation of Kern
2012 Kern Valley State Prison Employees
2011 Price Disposal "Greater Bakersfield Green Expo" Program
2011 Kern River Valley Revitalization Committee "Living Green Kern River Valley Festival"
2010 Kern County Department of Child Support Services "It Happened 2 Me"
2010 Shafter Mennonite Brethren Church 5th Quarter Program
2010 Wasco's Sheriff's Activities League, Kern County Sheriff's Department
2010 Community Action Partnership of Kern Food Bank - Resource Fairs
2010 Shafter Police Department Police Athletic League
2009 Virginia "Jinny" DeAngelis Desert Area Resource & Training
2009 Diane Duran Chevron, USA
2009 Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Highway 99 Tree Planting Committee
2008 Patricia V. Gorden California City
2008 Peggy Breeden Ridgecrest
2007 BHS CEO Academy & Kern Veterans Memorial Foundation
2007 Barbara Lucas Wasco
2007 Elizabeth Babcock Ridgecrest
2007 Roger Williams Bakersfield
2006 Kathy Armstrong Ridgecrest
2006 James H. Quiggle California City
2006 American Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Steering Committee
2006 Julia Linfesty League of Women Voters, Bakersfield
2006 Terry & Mary Reed Main Street Tehachapi, Inc., Tehachapi
2005 Lois Chaney League of Women Voters, Bakersfield
2004 Friends of Panorama Park Bakersfield
2004 Michael Dulle Kern County In-Home Supportive Services Advisory Commission
2004 Pat Wilson & Gretchen Kirk The Green Hotel, Shafter
2004 Margarita Chapman Creating Healthy Lives Program, Ridgecrest
2003 Guild of Tehachapi Hospital
2003 Transistion Through Independent Living Taft College
2003 Shafter Community Chest
2002 Vance Mingus California City
2002 Jack Cote Mojave
2002 John Enruquez Keep Bakersfield Beautiful Committee
2002 Alpha Beta Zeta Sorority, Gamma Beta Chapter
2001 Hugh Jamison, Ken Ross, James Welling, George LaMoreaux & Melvin English Boron Chamber of Commerce, Aerospace Museum Project
2001 Lupe Negreto & Bernice Morgan Make-a-Wish Foundation of the Souther San Joaquin Valley
2001 Del Troy Tehachapi Heritage League
2001 Reverend Ronald Sparks California City
2001 Tonya & Burt Rutan Mojave
2000 Jane Kinsey West Kern Oil Museum
2000 Robert Parker California
2000 Keith Hahn Ridgecrest
2000 Cox Communication
1999 Pete Gianopulos Taft Heritage
1999 The Southwest Weekender
1998 Jeanette Richardson Centennial Celebration Foundation
1998 Gary A. Ingle North Kern Municipal Court
1998 Marie Travis California City
1997 Dr. Jeffery Spancer
1996 Morgan Clayton Tel-Tec Security Systems, Inc.
1996 Residents of Shafter Shafter Visions Project
1995 Lamont/Weedpatch Neighborhood Partnership
1995 Reverend Dean Long Shafter Police Dept. Chaplain Program
1995 Richard Laney Sandoz
1995 Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve Kern County Regional Science Bowl
1994 Wasco Rose Festival Board
1994 Old Town Kern Railroad Arts Fest Committee & Kern County Board of Trade
1993 Robin Wyatt Little
1993 Esther Manzano


Regional Award of Merit for Transportation

2016 Minerva Rodriguez of Caltrans, District 6 Thomas Roads Improvement Program (TRIP)
2015 Thomas Roads Improvement Program State Route 178/Morning Drive Interchange Project
2015 City of Ridgecrest West Ridgecrest Boulevard Reconstruction Project
2014 City of Bakersfield Mohawk Street Extension Project
2013 Caltrans District 6 - Bakersfield & Bodfish crews State Route 178
2013 City of Bakersfield/Thomas Roads Improvement Program Westside Parkway
2012 Golden Empire Transit District
2011 Caltrans District 6 Interim Director Sharri Bender Ehlert Thomas Roads Improvement Program (TRIP)
2011 Caltrans District 6 Design & Environmental Team State Route 99, Bakersfield
2010 American Society of Civil Engineers Kern County
2010 Infrastructure Report Card Committee
2009 Mehran Akhavan Caltrans District 6 Project Manager
2009 Theodore Wright Engineer, Bakersfield
2008 Cliff Thompson Taft
2007 Ahron Hakimi Bakersfield
2006 Luis Peralez Bakersfield Streets Division
2005 Chester Moland Golden Empire Transit District
2004 Mojave Airport District
2003 Nancy Bass Inyokern Airport District
2002 Ray Bishop Kern County Airport Department
2001 No award given
2000 Doyle Green, Lieutenant Commander, California Highway Patrol Chair, Kern 46 Safety Task Force
1999 Jim Scott Tehachapi
1998 Jim Costa Senator, 16th Senatorial District
1997 Major Transportation Investment Strategy
1996 High Speed Rail Project Kern Transportation Foundation
1996 Delano Express Transit
1995 Taft Area Transit System
1995 Raymond A. Watson Chairman, Kern Transportation Foundation
1995 Marianna Buoni General Manager, Laidlaw Environmental Services
1994 Cheryl Scott, Golden Empire Transit District "Make Friends with GET" Campaign
1993 City of Ridgecrest Bicycle Plan
1993 City of Bakersfield Bike Path Facilities
1993 United States Petroleum Reserve Compressed Natural Gas Program
1992 Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve Vanpool Program


Ken Volpe Regional Award of Merit for Environmental Resources and Conservation

2016 City of Tehachapi Public Works & Utilities Department
2016 City of Bakersfield's Kit Fox Habitat Program
2015 James H. Gregory
2015 Airport Valet Express
2014 Kern Transit
2013 No award given
2012 Kern Green
2012 City of Bakersfield's Solid Waste Division
2012 Uplands of Kern River Parkway
2011 Falcon Autistic Solar Team Independence High School
2010 City of Taft "Vision for the Future"
2009 Kern County Water Agency
2009 City of Maricopa
2008 Kevin Crosby Weedpatch
2008 Greening Arvin
2007 Lucinda Sue Crosby Ridgecrest
2006 No award given
2005 John O'Gara Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS)
2004 Donna Thomas Mojave Desert Mountain Resource Conservation & Development Council
2004 Dwight Deakin Edwards Air Force Base
2003 Christopher J. Rush Edwards Air Force Base
2002 Golden Empire Transit District Clean Burning Fuel Bus Conversion
2001 Joe O'Bannon Contributions to Better Air Quality
2000 No award given
1999 Community Clean Sweep
1998 No award given
1997 Project Clean Air
1996 Kern River Parkway Foundation
1996 Water Recreation & Recharge Program Kern River Parkway
1995 Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve Endangered Species Program
1994 Kern County General Services
1994 U.S. Naval Petroleum Resources
1994 Antoinette Pappas, David Charlton, Raymond Romero & Ric Williams Edwards Air Force Base
1993 Ag Clean Air Task Force
1993 Kern County Board of Trade
1993 Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan
1992 Kern County Waste Management Department
1991 Michael V. Phillips Edwards Air Force Base


Richard A Maxwell Regional Award of Merit for Public Safety

2016 Delano Police Department School Resource Officers
2015 Bakersfield Police Department Reduced Call Response Times & Improved Community Outreach
2014 Bakersfield Fire Department's Reserve Firefighters
2013 Bob Smith City Councilmember, Bakersfield
2012 No award given
2011 Jeff Kermode Police Chief, Tehachapi
2011 James Craig Kern County Sheriff's Sergeant, Wasco
2010 Joe Mullins, Lieutenant, Bakersfield Police Dept. Bakersfield Safe Streets Partnership
2009 No award given
2008 A Life Interrupted Bakersfield Police Department
2008 Charlie Fivecoat Chief, Shafter Police Department
2007 Steve Colerick Lieutenant, California City Police Department
2007 Jim Grundt Wasco
2006 Chris Hayes California City Fire Department
2005 Linda Lunsford Chief, California City Police Department
2004 Golden Hills Fire Protection Commission
2003 Dr. B. A. Jinadu Kern County Health Department
2002 No award given
2001 John Zrofsky California City Police Department
2000 Kern County Fire Department Wildefire Suppression Program
1999 Jeffery "Rusty" Kruger California City Police Department
1998 Automobile Club of Southern California
1998 Mack Winbish California Highway Patrol
1997 Paul Adams Kern County Probation Department
1997 SAFE Coalition Safety for All Kern Families through Empowerment
1997 Robert W. Paris Acting Fire Chief, California City Fire Department
1996 South High School Criminal Justice Academy
1996 Luz Brown Wasco Resident
1995 Jerry M. Bean Officer, California Highway Patrol
1995 Kern County Sheriff's Department Citizen Service Unit
1995 City of Ridgecrest Police & Community Together
1995 Kern County Fire Department Federal Excess Property Program


Regional Award of Merit for Innovation

2016 No award given
2015 Downtown Bakersfield Development Corporation "Safe, Secure and Welcoming"
2014 City of Bakersfield "Bakersfield Mobile" Service Request Application


Darrel Hildebrand Regional Award of Merit for Distinguished Leadership - Public Group or Individual

2016 PG&E of Bakersfield and Kern County
2015 Jim Suver CEO, Ridgecrest Regional Hospital
2014 No award given
2013 Karen Goh Garden Pathways
2012 William Michael Leming CEO, Desert Empire Fair
2011 Bob Hampton Westside Waste Management
2011 Harvey Hall Mayor, Bakersfield
2010 Robert Boland Alta One Federal Credit Union
2010 Charlie Beard General Production Services, Taft Oilworker Monument
2009 Gary Ingle Judge, Shafter
2008 Greenfield Walking Group Bakersfield
2007 Dennis Shoffner Rosamond
2007 Burt Pumphrey Taft Police Department
2006 Sandra Larson Valley Feaver of Americas Foundation
2005 Philip Arnold
2005 William Porter
2005 Indian Wells Valley 2000
2004 Edwards Community Alliance
2003 Greater Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce
2002 Jim Burke
2002 Sheryl Barbich Bakersfield Vision 2020
2001 Jennifer Takagi & Dennis Wallace
2001 Habitat for Humanity Golden Empire
2000 No award given
1999 Ridgecrest Film Commission
1998 No award given
1997 No award given
1996 Nancy Bass General Manager, Inyokern Airport
1996 Brenda Turner
1995 Kern Economic Development Corporation
1995 Michael Fisch The Bakersfield Californian
1994 No award given
1993 Bakersfield City School District
1993 Don Murfin


Darrel Hildebrand Regional Award of Merit for Distinguished Leadership - Public Official

2016 Russell Judd CEO, Kern Medical Center
2015 Bob Neath Engineering Manager, Kern County Public Works
2015 Lorelei Oviatt Kern County Planning & Community Development Director
2014 Richard Strickland Kern County Director of Airports
2013 No award given
2012 No award given
2011 No award given
2010 No award given
2009 No award given
2008 Malcolm X. Dougherty Caltrans District 6
2008 Stuart Witt Mojave
2008 Elizabeth Stark Sergeant, Kern Vally State Prison
2008 Lori Sobe Sergeant, Kern Vally State Prison
2007 No award given
2006 No award given
2005 Patricia Ebel County of Kern
2004 No award given
2003 Jim Movius Bakersfield
2003 Jack Stewart City Manager, California City
2003 Alan McCuen Caltrans
2002 John Nilon Employer's Training Resource
2001 William Carter Kern County Housing Authority
2001 Fred Drew Kern County Economic Opportunity Corporation
2000 William Mungary Director, Kern County Community Development
1999 Peter Ruggerello Kern County Permit Assistance Center
1998 No award given
1997 Howard Silver Board Member, Golden Empire Transit District
1997 Raymond C. Bishop Director, Kern County Airports
1996 Roger Ward Finance Director, Ridgecrest
1996 Jack O. Schulze Principal, Arvin High School
1995 John W. "Bill" Kytola Director of Public Works, Taft
1994 Steve Ruggenberg General Manager, Golden Empire Transit District
1993 No award given
1992 Wade McMinney
1991 John Guinn Shafter


Darrel Hildebrand Regional Award of Merit for Distinguished Leadership - Elected Official

2016 No award given
2015 No award given
2014 No award given
2013 No award given
2012 Paul Linder Former Councilmember, City of Taft & Kern COG Board Chairman
2012 Randy Miller Taft Councilmember
2011 No award given
2010 No award given
2009 No award given
2008 No award given
2007 Michael J. Rubio Kern County Board of Supervisors
2007 Michael Edmiston California City
2006 Larry E. Reider Kern County Superintendent of Schools
2005 Fran Florez Mayor, Shafter
2005 Mike Maggard Council Member, Bakersfield
2004 No award given
2003 Roy Ashburn Senator
2003 Cathy Prout Shafter
2002 Steve Perez Former Kern County Supervisor
2001 Garry Nelson Mayor, Shafter
2001 William Thomas Congressman
2000 Dean Florez Assemblyman
1999 Pete H. Parra Kern County Supervisor
1998 Kelly Blanton Kern County Superintendent of Schools
1997 Barbara Patrick Kern County Supervisor
1997 Kevin McDermott Bakersfield City Councilman
1996 Jim Costa Senator
1996 Robert O. Price Mayor, Bakersfield
1995 Mary K. Shell Kern County Supervisor
1994 Cathy Prout Shafter
1993 Don Zachary
1992 Pauline Larwood Kern County Supervisor
1991 Mel McLaughlin Wasco


Ronald E Brummett Regional Award of Merit for Lifetime Achievement - Private Citizen

2016 Stephen W. Schilling Clinica Sierra Vista
2016 Fred & Barbara Holmes
2015 Dr. Ronald M. Kean Professor Emeritus of Music, Bakersfield College
2014 David Cothrun Former President of Taft College
2013 No award given
2012 No award given
2011 Bruce Auld Bruce Auld Consulting
2010 Cathy Hansen Mojave Transportation Museum Foundation
2010 Patricia Farris The News Review
2009 Jan Bennett Ridgecrest Chamber of Commerce
2008 Donna & Duane Pockrandt Ridgecrest
2007 David Mechtenberg Ridgecrest
2006 Walt Heisey Bakersfield
2005 Bill Cooper & Rich O'Neil Kern River Parkway Foundation
2004 No award given
2003 Dale Hawley Kern Transportation Foundation
2003 Dale Mills Kern Transportation Foundation
2002 No award given
2001 Bernice Bonilla
2000 Bob Colston Colston Construction
1999 Jay Sprague California City
1998 No award given
1997 Ed Moss Commercial Trade Bureau
1997 Helen Howard Wasco
1996 Fred W. Andrew Andrew Williamson Sales Co.
1996 Anita Bogan California City Resident
1996 Rayburn S. Dezember Wells Fargo Bank
1995 Tom McCarthy
1994 Dwight Ensor
1993 Paul Erickson
1992 Stan Wilson


Ronald E Brummett Regional Award of Merit for Lifetime Achievement - Public Official

2016 No award given
2015 No award given
2014 No award given
2013 No award given
2012 Chuck Michel Golden Empire Transit District
2011 Ken McMinn Police Chief, Taft
2011 Ronald E. Brummett (Retired) Kern Council of Governments
2010 No award given
2009 Michael D. Avery Ridgecrest
2009 James Movius Bakersfield
2009 William Rector Chief, Bakersfield Police Department
2008 No award given
2007 Harvey M. Rose Ridgecrest
2007 Bob Jasper Ridgecrest
2006 Bill Wilbanks Kern County General Services Division
2006 Larry Pennell City Manager, Wasco
2005 Randall E. Scott Air Force Flight Test Center
2004 Thomas H. Clark Manager, Kern County Water Agency
2004 Jack Hardisty Community Service Director, Bakersfield
2004 Eric Matlock Chief, Bakersfield Police Department
2004 Scott E. Jones CAO, County of Kern
2004 Lloyd Norton Engineer, Kern County Roads Department
2003 Gene Bogart Bakersfield
2002 Norma Robinson Taft
2002 Dan Clark (Retired) Kern County Fire Chief
2001 Dan Sabovich Manager, East Kern Airport District
2001 Roger Taylor (Retired) Planning Division Chief, Kern Council of Governments
2000 Kenneth Kelley Ridgecrest
2000 Antonio Anthony Tehachapi
1999 Steve Ruggenberg (Retired) General Manager, Golden Empire Transit
1999 Steve Brummer (Retired) Chief, Bakersfield Police Department
1999 Thomas N. Jones Ed. D. (Retired) Superintendent, Kern High School District
1998 John W. (Bill) Kytola Taft
1998 James C. Young Kern Community College District
1997 Lee Anderson (Retired) Community Services Manager, Bakersfield
1996 Joel Heinrichs County of Kern
1996 Bill L. Williams Ed. D. Superintendent, Panama Buena Vista School District
1995 Pauline Larwood
1994 Dale Mills
1993 Dr. William Hagen
1992 Dale Hawley
1991 Dolores Robinson


Ronald E Brummett Regional Award of Merit for Lifetime Achievement - Elected Official

2016 No award given
2015 No award given
2014 No award given
2013 John Guinn City Manager, Shafter
2012 Garry Nelson Mayor, Shafter
2012 Steven P. Morgan Councilmember, Ridgecrest
2011 No award given
2010 Irma Carson Bakersfield
2009 No award given
2008 Dr. Pierre Saint-Amand Ridgecrest
2007 No award given
2006 No award given
2005 Barbara Patrick Kern County Board of Supervisors
2004 Art Armendariz Delano
2003 Mark Salvaggio Bakersfield
2002 Carl Sparks (Retired) Kern County Sheriff
2001 No award given
2000 Jess Ortiz Arvin
2000 Kelcy Owens Tehachapi
2000 Pat DeMond Bakersfield
1999 Robert O. Price Mayor, Bakersfield
1998 Howard Auld Ridgecrest
1998 Melvin McLaughlin Wasco
1997 Donald G. Burkett Mayor Pro-tem, Arvin
1996 Dr. Ken Secor, P.E.
1996 Nary Katherine Shell
1995 No award given
1994 Richard H. Moser
1993 Fred Starrh
1992 Kelcy Owens


Chairman's Award of Regional Cooperation

2016 City of Bakersfield, County of Kern Voiced Coalition & Golden Empire Transit Bus Stop Upgrade Program
2015 Bob Parker Scout Lodge California City
2014 City of Shafter The Shafter Learning Center
2013 Louis Gill Bakersfield Homeless Center
2012 No award given
2011 No award given
2010 Ronald E. Brummett (Retired) Kern Council of Governments
2009 No award given
2008 No award given
2007 No award given
2006 Howard Silver Golden Empire Transit District
2005 William Thomas Congressman
2004 No award given
2003 No award given
2002 No award given
2001 Paul Ackermann Mayor, Taft, & Past Chaiman, Kern Council of Governments
2000 No award given
1999 John Guinn City Manager, Shafter



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