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Regional Blueprints

Regional Blueprints are a process and set of policy statements designed to help cities and counties plan for future growth and quality of life through the integration of transportation, housing, land use, economic development and environmental protection.

Through a visioning process that depends heavily on public input, residents and community leaders are encouraged to develop value statements and planning goals that acknowledge ongoing population growth and resource parameters, such as water availability; air quality; open space preservation and others.

It is not meant to supersede local jurisdictions’ land use authority.Elected officials from each city and county throughout the valley will determine how their jurisdictions will accommodate the regional vision, such as integrating them directly into their General Plans through definitive policy statements.

The final product includes a visual representation of the goals expressed in general plans and Regional Transportation Plans.

Kern Regional Blueprint

Eastern Sierra Regional Blueprint

San Joaquin Valley Regional Blueprint

Blueprint Visualizations

The second round of call for projects for the Blueprint Visualizations is underway! Applications are due by January 5th 2011. Click Here to download application form.

The Kern Blueprint Visualizations are used to illustrate sustainable land use concepts in the Regional Transportation Plan. Visualizations from the first round are provided below.
Click the link to view the animation in your browser. Right click and "Save Target As" to download the file to your browser's designated download folder. All animations require Quicktime or Windows Media Player.


Kerville 3D Visualization [September 2012] 58 Mb

WMP Video Ridgecrest Blueprint 3D Visualization [September 2010] 24 Mb

Mill Creek Blueprint 3D Visualization[June 2010] 87 Mb

Delano Blueprint 3D Visualization[March 2010] 52 Mb

PDF California City 2D Visualization [June 2010] 9 Mb

California City Blueprint 3D Visualization [2012] 138 Mb



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