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At the center of the transportation planning process is the Regional Transportation Plan. The RTP is a long-term (20-year) general plan for the region's transportation network, and encompasses projects for all types of travel, including aviation and freight movement. The plan assesses environmental impacts of proposed projects, and establishes air quality conformity as required by federal regulations. The document also discusses inter-modal and multi-modal transportation activities.

All documents are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

2011 RTP


Overview Presentation and Notes                                             [May 2010]

2011 Regional Transportation Plan Executive Summary     [July 2010]

2011 Regional Transportation Plan                                          [July 2010]

 2011 RTP Environmental Impact Report                             [July 2010]

2011 RTP Amendment 1                                                             [May 2011]

EIR Addendum for Amendment 1                                          [May 2011]

2011 RTP Amendment 2                                                             [February 2012]

EIR Addendum for Amendment 2                                          [January 2012]

2011 RTP Amendment 3                                                             [July 2012]

EIR Addendum for Amendment 3                                          [July 2012]

2011 RTP Amendment 4                                                             [July 2012]


FTIP Documents

Air Quality Conformity Documents

Kern Blueprint Visualizations used to illustrate sustainable land use concepts in the RTP:


Historical RTPs


2007 Regional Transportation Plan                    [with Amendments 1 & 2]       9 MB 

2007 RTP Environmental Impact Report    [with Addendums 1 & 2]          8 MB

2004 Regional Transportation Plan                    [Final]                                 4 MB

2000 Regional Transportation Plan                    [Final]                                 15 MB

1998 Regional Transportation Plan                    [with Inclusive EIR]              12 MB





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