The Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) is a plan for the incremental implementation of the long-range Regional Transportation Plan. The FTIP presents to federal funding agencies manageable components for the funding of long-term plans.

On August 16, 2018, the Kern COG Board of Directors adopted the 2019 Federal Transportation Improvement Program, 2018 Regional Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy and Environmental Impact Report, and corresponding Air Quality Conformity Analysis.

2019 Federal Transportation Improvement Program Federally Approved December 17, 2018
2019 FTIP Amendment No. 1 Federally Approved December 17, 2018
Draft 2019 FTIP Amendment No. 2 pending regional approval March 21, 2019
Draft 2019 FTIP Amendment No. 3 public review March 8, 2019

Group Project Listing

Annual Listing 2018

Annual Listing 2017

Annual Listing 2016

CMAQ Cost Effectiveness Documentation

Air Quality Conformity Documents

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