Kern Council of Governments is pleased to present its Thirtieth Annual Regional Awards Program. This special event provides Kern County residents the opportunity to thank and honor citizens, community-based organizations and public officials who have made, and are still making, significant contributions to this region’s quality of life. Those who will be recognized are the impetus behind valuable programs and projects and have dedicated them-selves to this area’s success.
You are cordially invited to submit your nominations celebrating both the pacesetters and visionary projects that have contributed significantly to our region in 2020. Due to the uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are anticipating holding the event this summer, 2021 at a date to be determined. There is a possibility this awards program may need to be virtual, however, we will keep you updated on the progress in the planning. Your nominations for 2020 accomplishments are too important to delay and risk overlooking valuable projects or individuals.

Thank you for your support.

Bob Smith | 2020 Chair
Kern Council of Governments


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