2018 Thomas Roads Improvement Program Collaborative Partnership

2017 No award given
2016 City of Bakersfield, County of Kern Voiced Coalition & Golden Empire Transit Bus Stop Upgrade Program
2015 Bob Parker Scout Lodge California City
2014 City of Shafter The Shafter Learning Center
2013 Louis Gill Bakersfield Homeless Center
2012 No award given
2011 No award given
2010 Ronald E. Brummett (Retired) Kern Council of Governments
2009 No award given
2008 No award given
2007 No award given
2006 Howard Silver Golden Empire Transit District
2005 William Thomas Congressman
2004 No award given
2003 No award given
2002 No award given
2001 Paul Ackermann Mayor, Taft, & Past Chaiman, Kern Council of Governments
2000 No award given
1999 John Guinn City Manager, Shafter

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