2020 Regional Awards

Kern Council of Governments received nominations for our Thirtieth Annual Regional Awards Program, but unfortunately, we did not receive an adequate number of nominations for an awards ceremony. Based on the recommendation of our Regional Awards Selection Committee, Kern Council of Governments Board of Directors has decided to combine the 2020 awards ceremony with the 2021 event.

Kern Council of Governments will be releasing a Call for Entries for our 2021 Regional Award Ceremony in November and will be finalizing selections for 2020 and 2021 Regional Award recipients in December 2021. We look forward to an “in-person” celebration of both year’s recipients in March, 2022.


Thank you for your support.

Bob Smith
2021 Chair Kern Council of Governments


2019 Regional Awards

Kern Council of Governments was pleased to present its Twenty Ninth Annual Regional Awards of Merit Program, March 5, 2020. This special event provided Kern County residents the opportunity to thank and honor citizens, community-based organizations and public officials who have made, and are still making, significant contributions to this region’s quality of life. Those who were recognized are the impetus behind valuable programs and projects and have dedicated themselves to this area’s success.

The winners, divided among nine broad categories, are:

Local Government:

  • Mayor Peggy Breeden and Chief of Police Jed McLaughlin – Leadership during the July 2019 Ridgecrest Earthquakes

Community Involvement:

  • West Side Health Care District – New and Expanded Health Care Facility
  • Golden Empire Transit District – Food Distribution Program


  • City of Tehachapi – Educational Videos for the Power Safety Shutoffs


  • City of Taft – Downtown Revitalization with New Transit and Community Center
  • Golden Empire Transit District – Half-off-Pass (HOP)
  • City of Tehachapi – New Park & Ride Facility and Transit Center

Richard A. Maxwell Public Safety:

  • Bike Bakersfield – Bike/Pedestrian Safety Programs
  • Captain Diana Burnett – City of Shafter Police Department

Darrel Hildebrand Distinguished Leadership – Public Official, Elected Official, or Public Group/Individual:

  • Ron Hughes – CalVans
  • Mayor Dave Noerr – City of Taft

Ronald E. Brummett Lifetime Achievement – Public Official, Elected Official, or Private Citizen:

  • City Manager Alan Tandy – City of Bakersfield

Chairman’s Award of Regional Cooperation:

  • Mark Evans – Kern County Public Works
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