Transportation Modeling

Since the 1990s Kern COG has maintained a regional travel demand model and socio-economic forecast. The program uses data from local, state and federal surveys, a regional traffic count program and a regional land use model. To minimize duplication of effort, the Kern COG modeling program is guided by a memorandum of understanding among Kern COG’s member agencies. Modeling is performed as a service to those agencies, and to meet state/federal requirements. Contact Ed Flickinger for more information.


 Transportation Model Documentation

MIP 3 Model Updates 2022-present
Kern COG Travel Model Use Disclaimer and Guidelines 2004-present
MIP 2 Peer Review Summary 2017-present
MIP 2 Model Development Report 2017-present
MIP 2 Model User Guide 2017-present
Travel Model Dynamic Validation Update 2013-2017
Travel Model Improvement Program (MIP) Revisions 2013-2017
MIP Executive Summary 2012-2013
MIP Documentation 2012-2013
MIP Users Guide 2012-2013
Travel Demand Model 2006-2012


Additional Documentation

Kern COG 2022 RTP/SCS expanding strategy commitments May 2023
Memo ARB Data Revision Summary May 2023
ARB Technical Data Submittal April 2023
Land Use Model Documentation August 2023
ARB Technical Methodology Letter February 2018
San Joaquin Valley COGs Target Setting Update Letter December 2016
ARB Technical Methodology Letter February 2014
Inter-Agency Consultation EMFAC Instructions for 2014 RTP October 2013
Census TAZ Household Data Update Memo December 2011
Cube Land Pilot Study September 2010
4D Travel Model Enhancement February 2010
Regional Transportation Monitoring Improvement Program (RTMIP) January 2008


Additional Modeling Documentation can be found on the Conformity and RTP pages

Modeling 101 Presentation from Transportation Modeling Committee Meeting March 2018

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