Bicycle Plans


“Pedestrians and bicycles” is meant to cover non-motorized means of transit. This is the most non-polluting form of transportation. Kern COG has the role of encouraging and finding funds for improvements to facilitate non-motorized transit. Kern COG has adopted a Bicycle Facilities Plan and currently is a funding conduit for improvements in non-motorized transportation.


2020 Pedestrian Plans


2020 Bakersfield High-Speed Rail Bike Network Plan


2019 Bicycle Plan and Complete Streets Facilities

Caltrans’ Mission is to provide a safe, sustainable, integrated and efficient transportation system to enhance California’s economy and livability. Enhancing bicycle access along with pedestrian and transit is instrumental and vital to accomplishing this mission.


2018 Kern Region Active Transportation Plan

Through an extensive review of existing conditions and comprehensive community and stakeholder outreach, the Active Transportation Plan establishes a regional vision complemented by stand-alone recommendations for each jurisdiction and unincorporated area. User-friendly maps and prioritized projects provide a clearly defined implementation strategy, enabling communities to put their respective plans into action.


2013 City of Bakersfield Bicycle Transportation Plan

This Bicycle Transportation Plan provides an overarching vision supported by strategies and actions for improving the bicycling environment in Bakersfield. The purpose of this Plan is to identify strategic expansion of the existing network, complete network gaps, provide greater connectivity, educate, and encourage the public, and to maximize funding sources.


2012 Kern County Bicycle Master Plan

The 2012 Kern County Bicycle Master Plan and Complete Streets Recommendations provides a broad vision for encouraging increased bicycle travel, as well as strategies and actions, to improve conditions for bicycling throughout the unincorporated communities throughout the county. This Plan provides direction for expanding the existing bikeway network and connecting gaps within the unincorporated communities and throughout the county as a means of bettering the bicycling environment.


2001 Kern County Bicycle Plan

The Kern County Bicycle Plan has been produced so that much of the information related to bicycling in the Kern region will be available in a single document. The purpose this serves is to simplify and clarify bicycle travel facilities planning and serve as a basis of understanding for existing facilities and identify where the system needs to be expanded.



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