Federal Performance Measures

Under the requirements of the federal transportation spending bill (MAP-21) states and metropolitan planning organizations are required to annually monitor performance measure progress through the statewide and metropolitan planning process for the following items:

PM 1 – Safety
PM 2 – Bridge and Pavement Condition
PM 3 – Travel Time Reliability
TAM   – Transit Asset Management Plan

Transportation Performance Measures – 2024 PM 3
Transportation Performance Measures – 2023 PM 1
Transportation Performance Measures – 2022 PM 1
Transportation Performance Measures – 2021 PM 1-2
Transportation Performance Measures – 2020 PM 1
Transportation Performance Measures – 2019 PM 1
Transportation Performance Measures – 2018 PM 1-3
Transit Asset Management Plans – various TAM

In addition, Kern COG includes an Integrated Performance Measures Analysis as an appendix to the most recently adopted Regional Transportation Plan. For an overview of the Integrated Performance Measure process, see this Performance Measure Case Study.

For the latest public transportation performance targets (i.e., transit asset management and public transit safety) go to  www.kerncog.org/public-transportation/ .  For the latest Federal Transportation Improvement Program (FTIP) Transit Asset Management and Safety Performance Targets see appendix H at www.kerncog.org/category/docs/ftip/ .

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