Bicycle & Pedestrian Safety Video

Traffic collisions with pedestrians and bicyclists continues to rise in Kern County. For this reason, Kern COG, in partnership with the City of Bakersfield, California Highway Patrol, Bakersfield Police Department, Bike Bakersfield and Vision Zero, created this educational video to promote awareness and safety when sharing the road with other modes of transportation. This video was produced in three segments to be used separately or as one. Contact if you would like to use this video to promote safety at your school or workplace.


Debris & Obstruction Removal

Bakersfield Beautiful

  • January 2017 Crew 2-Bags 600. They completed 122 on and off ramps, plus several days of backsides
  • February 2017 Crew 2-Bags 632. They completed 121 on and off ramps plus backsides
  • March 2017 Crew 2- Bags 647 and 1 truck load. They completed 128 on and off ramps

The Crew is made up of 6 individuals working Monday thru Friday 8:00AM-2:30 PM with a working perimeter of Hwy 99 South Bound to Panama Rd and North Bound to Airport; Hwy 58 East Bound Fairfax to West Bound Union 178 Union; and Hwy 178 East Bound to Fairfax and West Bound to 99 Freeway.

Updated 4/10/17

Caltrans work crew

  • Our current contract with Caltrans commenced on February 28, 2016.
  • Since then the Caltrans work crew has completed over 195 site jobs.
  • Roughly 264 miles of Kern Highways have been beautified.
  • Over 1542 hours for detention deputies were worked (1542 x 5 inmates = 7,710 man hours of labor).
  • The Caltrans work crew has saved the County over $204,006 in cleanup of Kern highways. (7,710 man hours of labor x 26.46 hourly rate).
  • So far, the Caltrans work crew has logged over 493 tons of garbage and debris.

Kern COG work crew

  • We have just begun our fourth quarter in the 2016/2017 FY. This is our third contract with Kern COG.
  • Since July 2016 there have been over 100 job sites covering over 257 miles for the Kern COG work crew.
  • Roughly 795 hours for detentions deputies have been worked toward “Keep Kern Clean”. (795 detentions deputy hours x 6 inmates = 4770 man hours of labor)
  • Over 257 miles of Kern Highways have been beautified saving the County over $126,214. ( 4770 man hours x 26.46 hourly rate)
  • The target areas that have been cleaned in Kern County are: Bakersfield, Delano, McFarland, Shafter, Wasco, and Arvin.


  • Together, there have been almost 300 job sites completed.
  • Over 520 miles of Kern highways have been cleaned up and beautified.
  • Roughly 2337 hours for detentions deputies were worked. (2337 detentions deputy hours x 6 inmates = 14,022 man hours of labor)
  • Combined, The Caltrans work crew and Kern COG work crews have saved the county over $330,220. (14,022 man hours x 26.46 hourly rate)
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