Elected Representatives


Each city in Kern County has one elected representative on the Kern Council of Governments (Kern COG) Board. The County of Kern Board of Supervisors has two members who serve on the Kern COG Board. There are also two ex-officio members who represent Caltrans and Golden Empire Transit District.

Following Board direction, staff coordinates between local, state, and federal agencies to avoid overlap or duplication of programs. This intergovernmental coordination enables staff to work with many public agencies to ensure that planning and implementation of programs proceed in a coordinated manner.




Arvin: Jose Gurrola, Jr.
Bakersfield: Bob Smith
California City: Nicholas Lessenevitch
Delano: Grace Vallejo
Maricopa: John Crump
McFarland: Manuel Cantu
Ridgecrest: Mike Mower
Shafter: Gilbert Alvarado
Taft: Orchel Krier
Tehachapi: Philip A. Smith
Wasco: Gilberto Reyna
Kern County: Zack Scrivner and David Couch

Ex-Officio Members


Caltrans District 6: Gail Miller
Golden Empire Transit: Cindy Parra
Joint Planning Policy Board: Scott Kiernan
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