Kern Council Of Governments Challenges Commuters To Go Green On St. Patrick’s Day

Rideshare Partners to Distribute Green Stickers to Commuters Who Carpool to Work

March 11, 2010

Organization: Kern Council of Governments
What: St. Patrick’s Go Green Day
When: March 17, 2010

Kern Council of Governments (Kern COG) and the Kern County Public Health Services Department are putting a twist on the traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration with a challenge to Kern Regional commuters; don’t just wear green, be green!

On March 17th, regional commuters are encouraged to go green and leave their car behind when they commute to work. As an incentive to walk, bike, carpool, vanpool, or take the bus instead of driving alone, Rideshare partners are handing out stickers to participating individuals who want to exclaim their “greenitude” and avoid a pinching. The Ride share sticker will be available at the following locations:

Kern Council of Governments (1401 19th Street, Suite 300)
GET (available through Downtown Transit Center kiosks)
Kern Regional Transit (available from drivers on all morning routes)
Kern County Public Health Services Department (1800 Mt. Vernon Avenue)
Bike Bakersfield (1708 Chester Avenue)

“We are asking people to find an alternate means of getting to work or school whether it’s carpooling with your coworkers or riding the bus this day,” said Anne Schoolcraft, KernCOG’s Rideshare Coordinator. “If people leave their car behind just one day a week, it can have a huge impact in their wallet, our environment and even their health.”

For more information about the St. Patrick’s Go Green Day in the Kern region, access or call 861-2191.

For additional information, contact:
Anne Schoolcraft at (661) 861-2191


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