The Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Plan is a critical component in addressing the transportation needs of the region. Kern COG is developing a well needed update to the 1997 Early Deployment Plan for the Kern Region in consideration of the ITS projects being implemented by our partners, the rapid advances in technology in recent years, and to respond to specific recommendations and requirements needed to bring the MPO into compliance (23 CFR 940) with current ITS program standards set by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) for development of architecture and strategic plans as well as the Federal Transit Administration’s National ITS Architecture Policy on Transit Projects. The ITS Plan will provide a vision for ITS, outline a program of low, medium and high priority projects, identify a funding strategy, and establish a plan for managing, integrating, operating, and maintaining the ITS elements in the region that are to be implemented over a 20-year horizon.

Please contact Raquel Pacheco or Linda Urata with any questions or comments.


Deliverable 1 Project Plan December 2016
Deliverable 2 Data Report May 2017
Deliverable 3
Assessment of 1997 Plan Report September 2017
Deliverable 4
System Inventory Summary Report May 2017
Deliverable 5
Vision, Goals, Objectives & User Needs Report May 2017
Deliverable 6
Strategies Report November 2017
Deliverable 7
Regional Consolidated Needs Assessment Summary Report and Table 2-1 March 2018
Deliverable 8
Regional ITS Operational Roles and Responsibilities Report December 2017
Deliverable 9
Functional Requirements Report March 2018
Deliverable 10
ITS Diagrams Version 2 (ITS Diagrams Version 1 for comparison) March 2018
Deliverable 11
ITS Architecture Maintenance Plan April 2018
Deliverable 12 2018 ITS Plan for the Kern Region

June 21, 2018
ITS Fact Sheet and contact form November 2017

Kern COG TPPC Meeting powerpoint slides     May 17, 2018

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