2022 Michael Dillenbeck, Kern County Public Works and Jon Parker, Kern Water Bank Authority Kern River Bike Path Extension
2022 Chris James, GET Bus Hydrogen Fueling Station

2020/21 Golden Empire Transit Hydrogen Buses
2020/21 City of Bakersfield Kentucky Street Project
2019 No award given
2018 LED Retrofit Project City of Bakersfield
2017 Wellhead Nitrate Demonstration Treatment Plant City of Delano
2016 City of Tehachapi Public Works & Utilities Department
2016 City of Bakersfield’s Kit Fox Habitat Program
2015 James H. Gregory
2015 Airport Valet Express
2014 Kern Transit
2013 No award given
2012 Kern Green
2012 City of Bakersfield’s Solid Waste Division
2012 Uplands of Kern River Parkway
2011 Falcon Autistic Solar Team Independence High School
2010 City of Taft “Vision for the Future”
2009 Kern County Water Agency
2009 City of Maricopa
2008 Kevin Crosby Weedpatch
2008 Greening Arvin
2007 Lucinda Sue Crosby Ridgecrest
2006 No award given
2005 John O’Gara Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS)
2004 Donna Thomas Mojave Desert Mountain Resource Conservation & Development Council
2004 Dwight Deakin Edwards Air Force Base
2003 Christopher J. Rush Edwards Air Force Base
2002 Golden Empire Transit District Clean Burning Fuel Bus Conversion
2001 Joe O’Bannon Contributions to Better Air Quality
2000 No award given
1999 Community Clean Sweep
1998 No award given
1997 Project Clean Air
1996 Kern River Parkway Foundation
1996 Water Recreation & Recharge Program Kern River Parkway
1995 Elk Hills Naval Petroleum Reserve Endangered Species Program
1994 Kern County General Services
1994 U.S. Naval Petroleum Resources
1994 Antoinette Pappas, David Charlton, Raymond Romero & Ric Williams Edwards Air Force Base
1993 Ag Clean Air Task Force
1993 Kern County Board of Trade
1993 Bakersfield Habitat Conservation Plan
1992 Kern County Waste Management Department
1991 Michael V. Phillips Edwards Air Force Base

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