2018 No award given

2017 Tom Weil City of California City
2016 No award given
2015 No award given
2014 No award given
2013 No award given
2012 Chuck Michel Golden Empire Transit District
2011 Ken McMinn Police Chief, Taft
2011 Ronald E. Brummett (Retired) Kern Council of Governments
2010 No award given
2009 Michael D. Avery Ridgecrest
2009 James Movius Bakersfield
2009 William Rector Chief, Bakersfield Police Department
2008 No award given
2007 Harvey M. Rose Ridgecrest
2007 Bob Jasper Ridgecrest
2006 Bill Wilbanks Kern County General Services Division
2006 Larry Pennell City Manager, Wasco
2005 Randall E. Scott Air Force Flight Test Center
2004 Thomas H. Clark Manager, Kern County Water Agency
2004 Jack Hardisty Community Service Director, Bakersfield
2004 Eric Matlock Chief, Bakersfield Police Department
2004 Scott E. Jones CAO, County of Kern
2004 Lloyd Norton Engineer, Kern County Roads Department
2003 Gene Bogart Bakersfield
2002 Norma Robinson Taft
2002 Dan Clark (Retired) Kern County Fire Chief
2001 Dan Sabovich Manager, East Kern Airport District
2001 Roger Taylor (Retired) Planning Division Chief, Kern Council of Governments
2000 Kenneth Kelley Ridgecrest
2000 Antonio Anthony Tehachapi
1999 Steve Ruggenberg (Retired) General Manager, Golden Empire Transit
1999 Steve Brummer (Retired) Chief, Bakersfield Police Department
1999 Thomas N. Jones Ed. D. (Retired) Superintendent, Kern High School District
1998 John W. (Bill) Kytola Taft
1998 James C. Young Kern Community College District
1997 Lee Anderson (Retired) Community Services Manager, Bakersfield
1996 Joel Heinrichs County of Kern
1996 Bill L. Williams Ed. D. Superintendent, Panama Buena Vista School District
1995 Pauline Larwood
1994 Dale Mills
1993 Dr. William Hagen
1992 Dale Hawley
1991 Dolores Robinson

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