The Regional Planning Advisory Committee (RPAC) is a committee of local agency planning representatives who provide technical review and recommendation to the Kern Council of Governments Board of Directors.  Meetings are held on Wednesdays at 1:30 p.m., two weeks prior to the Kern COG/TPPC meetings.





January 3 Dark
January 31 (February meeting) RPAC Agenda
March 6 RPAC Agenda
April 3 RPAC Agenda
May 1 Dark
June 5 Dark
July 3
July 31 (August meeting) may be dark
September 4
October 2
November 6
December 4 may be dark



January 4 Dark Dark
February 1 Dark Dark
March 1 RPAC Agenda RPAC Minutes
April 5 RPAC Information Dark
May 3 RPAC Agenda RPAC Minutes
May 31 (June meeting) RPAC Agenda RPAC Minutes
July 5 Dark Dark
August 2 Dark Dark
September 6 RPAC Information Dark
October 4 RPAC Agenda
November 1 Dark Dark
December 21 RPAC Agenda


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Three At-Large Members shall represent varied economic, social and geographic sectors. The at-large members shall be appointed by the Kern COG Board of Directors. The application for at-large members is available here.

The Regional Transportation Modeling Subcommittee (TMC) of the RPAC oversees the regional transportation model and regional growth forecast. The model is used to forecast the demand for future transportation infrastructure by predicting future travel patterns. Some of the forecast input variables include populations, households, employment, school enrollment, income, traffic counts, speeds, intersection configuration, existing and planned transportation networks. The Regional Transportation Modeling Subcommittee meets concurrently with the RPAC.

TMC documents

The Kern Climate Change Task Force (KCCTF) was formed in 2009 to assist Kern COG and its member agencies to meet the goals and objectives of Senate Bill No. 375 (SB 375).  The Kern Climate Change Task Force was folded into the Transportation Modeling Committee in 2010.

KCCTF documents



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