The following documents contain high level background information on the regional planning process from a variety of sources.  For the latest version of these documents, perform a web search of the website for the organization that originally prepared each document.

  1. Federal Aid Essentials for Local Public Agencies (topical videos)
  2. A Guide to Transportation Decision Making 2015, FHWA (24 pages)
  3. Transportation Funding in California 2018, Caltrans (40 pages)
  4. California Mobility Investment Opportunities 2017, CTC (82 pages)
  5. Transportation/Air Quality Conformity—A Basic Guide for State and Local Officials 2017, FHWA (24 pages)
  6. Regional Planning & Climate Change – Understanding SB 375, (8 pages)
  7. A Guide to Performance Based Planning, 2014 (188 pages)
  8. The Transportation Planning Process Briefing Book for Transportation Decision Makers, Officials and Staff, 2019 (90 pages)
  9. Kern COG 101 Presentation, 2021 (24 pages)


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